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This is not just filler text....

We are excited about the opportunity we have to expand our services to all designers, project managers, home builders and others who are looking to provide their clients with the best quality cabinetry and millwork in the valley.

We are a small group of dedicated woodworking professionals whose goal is to produce products your customers will enjoy for years to come.

Why should you buy quality cabinets from us when the shop down the street will produce what looks like the same thing for less?

For the reseller:
The simple answer is because your reputation is a direct reflection of the subs you use for your customers projects. You need a cabinet shop that will work with you and your other subs, one that will deliver on schedule and back up their work. The bottomline is you want cabinets that work the way they are supposed to so every time your customer opens a door or pulls out a drawer, they will smile at how nice it works and how beautiful the craftsmanship is. Everyday they will remember you in a positive way. If you choose an inferior product, the daily perception will be a negative image of you and your company, this will be reinforced over and over and over again.

For the end customer:
Pride of ownership, compliments by their friends. Everytime they walk into their bedroom, use their kitchen or sit down to relax and watch a movie they will do so pleased with the quality of what they have purchased. This is reinforced daily and they are happy to refer their friends to you. Poor quality is also reinforced daily and leads to a poor buying experience and disatisfaction with the entire house (of which cabinetry is a relatively small portion).

There are many steps that go into making quality cabinets, by their very nature, this adds expense. We are not the cheap alternative, however, if you like repeat customers and word of mouth advertising, we are the most cost effective alternative.

Give us a call, drop us a line, we're most likely out and about getting things done, but will be happy to talk to you about your projects and how we can help you attract, retain and grow your business through a supplier relationship with us.


Ron Kollitz
Optima Production Group LLC
602 692-0673

Company History

2005 - Ron Kollitz acquires Westovers Woodworks, a company with over 20 years history in the valley.

2007 - Cullum Custom Homes acquires Westovers Woodworks and retains Ron Kollitz as General Manager to provide in-house cabinet services for their multimillion dollar homes.

Late 2009 - Economy tanks, mega home sales stall, Ron Kollitz repurchases the cabinet operations, moves to a 10,000 sf facility and renames business Optima Production Group, LLC.

2012 - You call Ron to build cabinets for you and make history.

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