by Ron Kollitz on August 2nd, 2012

Hello All, and welcome to the Optima Production Group, LLC Blog.


This blog is geared to provide a light, but informative forum for anyone who has an interest or involvement with woodworking.  Not only for professionals, but also for someone looking for advice or resources on a home project as well.


Some of the major Blog topics are:

  1. Articles:  Informative industry related articles from published sources
  2. Tips and Tricks:  Helpful hints that can be used in your backyard or in your production shop
  3. Resources:  Referrals to the right people or materials to assist with your project
  4. General Discussion….
  5. …additional topics as defined by Blog feedback


While our main focus will be on the woodworking industry, it is our intention to provide relevant information to all related industries, including suppliers, designers, general contractors, granite fabricators, etc.


I find that the greatest successes come from good collaboration…taking the best from a number of sources and using that knowledge to excel at meeting the clients expectations. 


Example:  I am currently working on finishing a project that is to sit right next to some old work.  I was getting close with the color, but was not satisfied with the results.  My options were:

1.      Stain the project with what I had and hope that it will sneak by

2.      Spend an inordinate amount of time trying to tweak it to make it better

3.      Throw up my hands and say “no way”

4.      Make it right


Well, I chose #4.  I took my color sample down to my stain provider and discussed options with them.  We experimented a little bit, and came up with a solution that looks great!  By opening up the discussion with the right people I was able to develop the best solution for my issue.


If you have a hurdle you need to get over on your current project, or just want a different perspective…SOUND OFF.  If I can’t help you directly, chances are I can get you pointed in the right direction.


I hope you enjoy this Blog forum and have the opportunity to contribute as well as benefit from it.


To the saw table!






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